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New Book Dotcom Divas Offers E-Business Insights from Women Entrepreneurs at the Forefront of the Net Revolution

E-business Insights from the Visionary Women Founders of 20 Net Ventures
by Elizabeth Carlassare

Thundering Applause for Dotcom Divas!

"Read this book and learn why 'two guys in a garage' is outdated thinking. A must read for anyone, male or female, starting a Web business."
—Guy Kawasaki, CEO,

"Chicks rule! Dotcom Divas shows how women have everything it takes to found and grow great enterprises. Guys should read it to make sure they don't have any illusions. Women should read it to be inspired."
—Stewart Alsop, venture capitalist and columnist for Fortune

"A must-read for all budding entrepreneurs. Carlassare has distilled the keys to entrepreneurial success — tenacity, vision, flexibility, the importance of building a great team — as told by the drivers who have done it themselves. Highly recommended."
—Heidi Roizen, Managing Director, Softbank Venture Capital

"So many business books are full of hot air and devoid of real people. If they do include real people, they’re usually men. And if they do include women, they’re rarely working in technology. So Carlassare’s book stands out. It’s chock full of great detail and inspiring stories that are just as useful to men as they are to women."
—Ron Lieber, author of Upstart Start-ups and senior writer, Fast Company

In DOTCOM DIVAS, prepare to meet some of the most talented, energetic, and visionary Internet entrepreneurs who've ever plunged into the e-business revolution. And, oh, by the way — they're all women.

Each of these courageous and determined women created an innovative Net company from the germ of an idea. DOTCOM DIVAS reveals how these founding females dreamed up their winning visions, secured funding, and recruited top-notch team members. It shows you how they overcame business and personal challenges, grew and marketed their businesses, and navigated the constantly changing environment that comes with the e-business territory.

Industry insider Elizabeth Carlassare provides an in-depth, behind-the-scenes perspective on the specific strategies each company has employed and the key lessons each founder has distilled from her Net startup experience — invaluable insights for experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. DOTCOM DIVAS offers an inside look at:

  • How winning e-business ideas are developed
  • Twenty innovative, effective e-business models
  • How to get financial backing for an Internet business
  • Sources of funding specifically for women
  • How to build a first-rate team
  • The challenges Net entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them
  • How to create an Internet offering that "wows" customers
  • Successful strategies, tactics, and marketing techniques

Although they're just a tiny fraction of the thousands of women who've launched successful Web-based companies, these entrepreneurs hale from stunningly diverse backgrounds. And their business models display as much variety as they do: from financial disclosures to pet products, B2B e-markets to online communities, and email marketing services to Net infrastructure. You'll meet the businesswoman who had already created companies in New York and Lithuania before launching a high-tech Silicon Valley startup, the single mother who revolutionized an industry that wasn't working very well, and the woman who, after buying a gift on, stopped being "an entrepreneur waiting to happen" and created a brand-new type of Web business.

All of these twenty-first century heroines share an enterprising mix of courage, intelligence, business savvy, and just a little luck. In DOTCOM DIVAS, they share their hard-won business wisdom and practical advice to help you make smart decisions and avoid common pitfalls. Whether you're an entrepreneur or Internet professional, or just dreaming about starting your own business, their stories will ignite your own ambitions and inspire you to turn them into a reality that just might click.

About the Author
ELIZABETH CARLASSARE is an Internet strategist with more than ten years of experience at high-technology companies, including Adobe Systems, Intuit, and SGI. She's a member of the founding team of MyWebtivity, Inc., an Internet startup based in Silicon Valley, and a personal and professional coach for women in technology. She's also the creator of (to be launched), a website for women Internet entrepreneurs. Email her at

TITLE: DOTCOM DIVAS: E-Business Insights from the Visionary Women Founders of 20 Net Ventures
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Carlassare
ISBN: 0-07135579-0
PRICE: $21.95
PUB DATE: December 15, 2000


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