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"Read this book and learn why ‘two guys in a garage’ is outdated thinking. A must read for anyone, male or female, starting a Web business."
Guy Kawasaki, CEO,

    "No longer are female entrepreneurs anomalies in today's market. This exciting book follows some remarkable women doing remarkable things on the Internet. Move over and watch these women go — but more importantly, learn from them."
    Stephen R. Covey, author of the #1 bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

"Powerful proof that the doors and windows of opportunity are open to talented, energetic, and persistent people. What a refreshing change that these entrepreneurs happen to be highly qualified women who have seen the possibilities and seized them."
Myra Hart, Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School

    "Not just for women, Carlassare’s book is a must-read for all budding entrepreneurs. She has distilled the keys to entrepreneurial success — tenacity, vision, flexibility, the importance of building a great team — as told by the drivers who have done it themselves. Highly recommended."
    Heidi Roizen, Managing Director, Softbank Venture Capital

"Carlassare takes a fascinating look at the intense entrepreneurial drive of the women behind some of today's leading Internet businesses. It's an education on lessons learned and strategies for success in the digital economy."
Ellen M. Hancock, Chairman and CEO, Exodus Communications

    "Chicks rule! Dotcom Divas shows how women have everything it takes to found and grow great enterprises. Guys should read it to make sure they don't have any illusions. Women should read it to be inspired."
    Stewart Alsop, venture capitalist and columnist for Fortune

"So many business books are full of hot air and devoid of real people. If they do include real people, they're usually men. And if they do include women, they’re rarely working in technology. So Carlassare's book stands out. It’s chock full of great detail and inspiring stories that are just as useful to men as they are to women."
Ron Lieber, author of Upstart Start-Ups and senior writer, Fast Company

    "In her book, Carlassare makes it clear, if you have a good e-business idea — and the guts, brains, and luck to execute it — the marketplace doesn’t care if you're male or female. The women profiled here provide evidence that men don’t hold a copyright on entrepreneurial spirit."
    Dawn Lepore, Vice Chairman and CIO, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

"These women are the changing face of entrepreneurs in the 21st century. Carlassare delivers the intuition, perspiration, and inspiration that drove these women to be leaders in the digital economy. Practical and insightful, it’s a must read."
Kay Koplovitz, CEO, WorkingWomanNetwork, and Founder, USA Networks

    "Some of the best strategic thinking in the Internet space is captured in the pages of Carlassare's book. While the Net owes its early success to names like Vint, Tim, Steve, and Bill, its future belongs to the Kims, Candices, Susans, and Rosalinds of the business world."
    Heidi Miller, Senior Executive Vice President and CFO,

"A gritty, in-the-trenches look at entrepreneurship... this book is packed with advice I sure could’ve used!"
Christine Comaford, Founder and Managing Director, Artemis Ventures, and serial entrepreneur

    "Want to hang out your dotcom shingle? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or woman — read this and learn what’s in store. Any aspiring entrepreneur can benefit from these compelling tales of imagination, resolve, and bottom-line acumen."
    Don Tapscott, Chair of Digital 4Sight and co-author of Digital Capital: Harnessing the Power of Business Webs

"A truly inspiring book filled with great advice from thoughtful business leaders and trailblazing role models. A must read for any aspiring entrepreneur. It’s about time someone wrote about the many amazing women leading the dotcom revolution."
Denise Brosseau, President and Co-founder, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Springboard 2000

    "Don't let the title fool you! Dotcom divas aren't cranky singers – they’re focused, resourceful, smart, and on the way to revolutionizing the Net. Entrepreneurs like Rosalind Resnick are the cream of the Internet crop... we need a lot more like them. Read this book and find out how they're changing the face of e-business."
    Seth Godin, author of Unleashing the Ideavirus

"Over the past several years, I have been delighted to see an increasing number of bright young women entrepreneurs who are succeeding in bringing their business ideas into the market. UC Berkeley alumna Elizabeth Carlassare and Haas alumna Kim Fisher of AudioBasket are just two examples of a new breed of enterprising women challenging the myth that entrepreneurship is a male sport. This book tells the inspiring stories of some of these women."
Laura Tyson, Dean, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley

    "Dotcom Divas truly delivers! Real-life drama, inspirational ideas, business blow-by-blows, sound advice... this is the fuel for any aspiring or existing entrepreneur. If this doesn’t motivate women to start e-businesses in droves, nothing will. You go, grrls!"
    Aliza Sherman, author of Cybergrrl @ Work and founder, Cybergrrl, Inc. and Webgrrls International

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