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The Introduction

Internet business books are being published as frequently as dotcom companies are going public. After reading many of these books, I was sometimes left with the feeling that they were science fiction novels set in an alternate universe where there weren't any women. There still seems to be a mass perception that the builders of the information economy are solely men -- the Steve Jobses, Bill Gateses, and Jim Clarks of the world. And yet, as someone working in the Silicon Valley for the past eleven years and the web arena since 1995, I know there's no dearth of talented, visionary women who are movers and shakers in the new economy. While some women leaders are getting more coverage in business and Internet industry trade magazines than ever before, it's my belief that women Internet entrepreneurs haven't necessarily received their fair share of recognition.

So the focus of this book is on them -- successful women who are creating real, thriving web companies from visions that were initially just twinkles in their eyes. While there are many accomplished, prominent women hired as chief executives in the Net sector, their stories aren't told here. This book is first and foremost about women founders.

As you read the stories of these 20 web companies and their visionary founders, you'll learn how these successful women:

  • Came up with their winning business idea
  • Got funding
  • Built their team
  • Overcame challenges
  • And grew and marketed their businesses

The profiles offer in-depth, behind-the-scenes views of how these 20 Net companies have achieved their successes. Each profile also discusses specific strategies each company is employing and offers key lessons each founder gleaned from her web startup experience -- invaluable insight for soon-to-be and experienced entrepreneurs alike.


The 20 Ventures and Their Women Founders
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