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The 20 Ventures and Their Women Founders

Wondering which companies and entrepreneurs are profiled in Dotcom Divas?
Here’s the list!

Part I: Portal, Content, and Community Ventures

    1. Astronet, Eugenie Diserio
    2. AudioBasket, Kim Fisher
    3., Mae Towada
    4. iVillage, Candice Carpenter and Nancy Evans
    5. LookSmart, Tracey Ellery
    6. Third Age Media, Mary Furlong

Part II: Web-based Services Ventures

    7., Katie Burke
    8. EDGAR Online, Susan Strausberg
    9. E-Loan, Janina Pawlowski
    10. NetCreations, Rosalind Resnick

Part III: E-commerce Ventures

    11., Jessica DiLullo Herrin and Jenny Lefcourt
    12., Mariam Naficy and Varsha Rao
    13. oneNest, Durreen Shahnaz
    14. Petopia, Andrea Reisman
    15., Felicia Lindau
    16. SuperVertical, Veronica Allende Serra

Part IV: E-business Applications and Web Technology Ventures

    17. CoVia, Deidre Paknad
    18. eCommerce Industries, Paula Jagemann
    19. Marimba, Kim Polese
    20. RightWorks, Vani Kola

The 20 Ventures and Their Women Founders
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