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Funds for Women Entrepreneurs
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Capital Across America
This small business investment company (SBIC) licensed by the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) was founded to provide women business owners with capital. It also offers women entrepreneurs advice and resources.

Women’s Growth Capital Fund
This fund invests in women-owned and/or managed businesses. Like Capital Across America, it's an SBIC licensed by the SBA.

Viridian Capital
This venture capital firm focuses on investing in companies that are led, founded, or co-founded by women, and companies that sell products and services primarily to women. Like Capital Across America and the Women’s Growth Fund, it's an SBIC.

Wired Partners
A fund in Medina, Washington that is in formation and seeking limited partners.

Women First Capital Fund
This fund focuses on women-led companies in New England and North Carolina. They make investments of $250,000 to $2 million in early stage companies.

New Vista Capital
This Silicon-Valley based fund focuses on Internet startups.

Isabella Capital
This fund invests in Internet, technology, and consumer startups.


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